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Enrollment in First Coast Academy is easy!
If you are ready to begin your distance-learning program, we have several different methods of enrollment for your convenience. Below you will learn about our enrollment methods, school policies, tuition and fees, as well as other useful information to become a First Coast Academy student.
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Download Enrollment Agreement and Mail or Fax it to First Coast Academy with a Check or Money Order.  Call the Admissions Department at (833) 444-6360, and we'll complete the Enrollment Application for you.
Program Tuition Costs
Please review the financial information for program pricing, financing, terms and payment options on the First Coast Academy Student Enrollment Agreement. Normal Tuition is $499(Discounts Included) for a semester. All books and study materials are provided. If all requirements are met for graduation within the 6-month semester, there will be no further tuition costs. However if needed, additional time can be purchased.

Payment Options

  • Full Payment Plan Pay in full at time of enrollment and save $100.
    Your total tuition price is $399.
  • Auto-Payment Plan Auto-Pay and save $30. Make a minimum down payment of $59 and establish easy, interest-free monthly payments (minimum payment $55) that will be automatically charged to a credit card or checking account. Your total tuition price is $469.
  • Regular Payment Plan Make a minimum down payment of $59 and monthly payments (minimum payment $55) as outlined in your Enrollment Agreement. Your total tuition price is $499.

Tuition includes all educational materials, teacher support, and test grading. The student is assessed $15 per lesson shipment for shipping and handling, or $15 technology fee per lesson (online studies).

Monthly Payments
Your first monthly payment will be due 30 days or more after your Enrollment Agreement is accepted. All subsequent payments will be due on the same day of each month.

Payment Methods
We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We also accept money orders, and checks from US banks. Automatic withdrawals may also be made from a U.S. bank checking or savings account.

High School Online Courses
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Enrollment Agreement
All students are required to complete the Enrollment Agreement in its entirety. The student then submits the Enrollment Agreement with the required down payment to the School. A student is to include any other completed forms we send you to provide additional information requested.

Selecting Subjects
The required subjects have already been outlined for the student. The student will select the electives at the appropriate time.

Enrollment Policies and Procedures



Enrollment is open to students anytime during the year. Applicants who are under the age specified by the "compulsory school attendance" laws of their state of residence must obtain permission from their local school officials to enroll in the FCA program prior to admission. All minor applicants, under the legal age in their state of residence, are also required to secure the written approval of a parent, guardian, or guarantor and to submit this with the initial enrollment agreement.


The school does not discriminate regardless of race, color, creed, and/or religion.


Required School Records and Paperwork

We require official transcripts from the student's prior school in order for us to issue credits for courses already completed toward your high school diploma.


The student receives a request for transcript form with their initial supply packet, to use in the event they need to order a transcript from a previous school. Simply make additional copies of this form if more than one school is being contacted for transcripts.


Enrollment Procedure

Complete the FCA Enrollment Agreement and submit it to the school. You will need to include copies of transcripts (these can be provided a couple of weeks later) and other important information needed by the school to complete your enrollment. Send the Enrollment Agreement, tuition payment, and other required paperwork to:

First Coast Academy

Attn: New Enrollment Department

PO Box 429

Orange Park, FL 32067